Damanjit Sahota of SDFOA was the car winner at the 7th Annual Trade Show for FOAGLA and SDFOA in Anaheim

NCASEF: Avanti Magazine Articles

Franchisee Unity (Thu, 28 Dec 2017)
  Four franchisee plaintiffs, with the support of the National Coalition, have filed a class action lawsuit against 7-Eleven, Inc., our franchisor. This action was taken because franchisees are not being treated as independent contractors and business owners due to increasingly pervasive control by our franchisor. Three times, over the course of three separate meetings, […]
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Who Is Out Of Touch? (Thu, 28 Dec 2017)
  On November 9, an article titled “Franchisees to Boycott Annual 7-Eleven Trade Show” was published on The article accurately states, “The presidents of all 43 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Associations, which represent the interests of nearly 7,000 franchised U.S. convenience-store locations, have voted unanimously not to attend 7-Eleven’s annual convention and trade show in […]
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7-Eleven By The Numbers (Thu, 28 Dec 2017)
  As I write this, SEI is gearing up for a series of so-called Town Hall Meetings across the country, the apparent purpose of which is to somehow convince existing franchisees how wonderful it is to be a franchisee and why franchisees should be grateful for the franchise agreement they have, notwithstanding the pervasive control […]
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SEI’s Town Hall Meetings (Thu, 28 Dec 2017)
  7-Eleven began its Town Hall meetings to talk about the 2019 Franchise Agreement the week of December 4-8, on very short notice. Chicago had ours December 7, 2017, and we believe the presentations were the same for franchisees across the country. In the very first message, a recorded video, a senior vice president of […]
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Protecting Our Brand Versus Protecting Our Numbers (Thu, 28 Dec 2017)
  No one can argue that we have a great brand. People like it, it’s established, our clientele is established, and the public in general believes in our brand. But it seems that lately our focus has shifted from our brand to “the numbers.” All we care about is achieving our numbers—store count, foot traffic, […]
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