Damanjit Sahota of SDFOA was the car winner at the 7th Annual Trade Show for FOAGLA and SDFOA in Anaheim

NCASEF: Avanti Magazine Articles

Updating And Expanding Our Product Offerings Are Key To Attracting Customers (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)
  Recently, I set out with some FOA leaders to visit a few 7-Eleven stores and some of our competition to see how we are sizing up compared to other c-store chains. After a few stops it became clearly evident to me that, although 7-Eleven is heading in the right direction with several programs designed […]
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Register System Issues With Newly Acquired Gasoline Stores (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)
  By now you have all heard of SEI’s purchase of 1,100 Sunoco convenience stores, all of which have gas. It’s just the latest in many acquisitions the company has made within the last few years, with more planned for the future. This is great news, as our franchisor is growing and the 7-Eleven brand […]
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Billions For Acquisitions; Pennies For Upkeep (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)
  One of the most famous phrases of early American history is “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute.” This phrase grew out of negotiations that the young nation of the United States attempted to carry out with France in order to avoid war. The French diplomats agreed to commence negotiations, but only […]
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Building On Food Service (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)
  Recently, SEI started a ‘Grab-n-Go’ test in a few stores in Dallas. The idea behind ‘Grab-n-Go’ is to have hot food and grill products stocked in boxes ready to go to help increase sales without adding costs to payroll. The test has shown success in terms of increasing sales of the grill products, but […]
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Are We Profit Partners Only? (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)
  As 7-Eleven franchisees, we love our brand. Our stores allow us to make a good living while providing friendly services to our customers and building strong ties with our communities. But times are changing. Unlike in the past, when our only worry was a competing c-store, these days we’re being bombarded with additional competition. […]
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